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Throughout his/her...story Black people have traveled many roads -- forcefully and voluntarily -- yet we have endured. But while we remember the past, we must position ourselves to exploit the present and look forward to success in the twenty-first century. As we continue our journey of extremes: exiting the past, traveling the present and entering the future, our present and future experiences must be as bright as our past was sombre.

BlackRoute IS our path, your path, to a successful future.

BlackRoute is here. BlackRoute is now, providing you and your business with a complete directory listing of all Black business in the global market. By traveling the BlackRoute your business will be moving in the right direction, towards a market approaching 1 billion Black people in the four corners of the world. BlackRoute is your oyster, your global market. BlackRoute is now, is the future, is infinite, is a veritable goldmine of business possibilities.

BlackRoute welcomes one race: the human race!

All roads converge at the BlackRoute, where "Heaven is havin' and havin' equals Heaven!" Trying to get your product to the global market? Get it there via the BlackRoute. Travel the BlackRoute. Share our experiences. Savor our differences. Experience our similarities. Exploit your business potential. Showcase your business to the world.

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